Data Loss Prevention Program Guide

An FRSecure Self-Help Document of Guidelines and Best Practices

Data leaks can be debilitating for organizations. In fact, most of our customers tell us that if they were to suddenly lose all of their data, they wouldn't even be able to keep the business open. That's why it's critical every organization has a practical plan for preventing data loss—preventing damaging leaks and establishing acceptable ways for employees, contractors, and vendors to exchange information.

This guide is meant to be a starting point for your business. It paints a picture of what things you need to be thinking about when creating a data loss prevention policy, and allows you to mold and shape policies and procedures from its recommendations.

This document will help you:

  • Understand what capabilities a data loss prevention program should contain to start
  • Learn where the focus should be in data loss prevention
  • Find places where you can get more information
  • Shape recommendations into actions and policies while logging the changes


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